ACC 2011 Conference Recordings

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This package contains the main session video recordings from the Apologetics Canada Conference 2011 held in Coquitlam, BC.

Main Sessions

  • The New Atheists: Old Arguments, New Attitude - Greg Koukl
  • Confirming the Bible through Archaeology - Steven Collins
  • Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? - Craig Hazen
  • The War of Worldviews - John Mark Reynolds

Breakout Sessions

  • The Case for Christianity: Why It is Not the Root of Evil - Paul Chamberlain
  • Jesus: The Best Apologetic - Harry Edwards
  • Equipping a Generation of Young, Missional Apologist: Apologetics in Youth Ministry - Chris Price and Jon Morrison
  • The Case for the Existence of God - Steve Tsai
  • Thinking about Evil: Why Does God Allow Suffering? - Mikel Del Rosario