ACC 2014 Conference Recordings

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This package contains the main session video recordings from the Apologetics Canada Conference 2014 held in Abbotsford and Burnaby, BC.

Main Sessions

  • Evidence for the Resurrection - Gary Habermas
  • Q&A with Gary Habermas
  • How Do I Heal from Evil? - Reaksa Himm
  • Why God Allows Evil? - Clay Jones
  • Q&A with Reaksa Himm and Clay Jones
  • The Psychology of Unbelief - John Coe
  • Can You Trust the Bible? - Craig Evans

Breakout Sessions

  • Apologetics and the Church Planter - Norm Funk
  • Black and Blue Sari - Kamal Dhillon
  • Contemporary Evangelism - Leonard Buhler
  • Dealing with Doubt - Gary Habermas
  • From Marx to Christ: The Memoirs of a Socialist - David Wood
  • God and Evil - Chris Price
  • God in the Classroom: A Case for the Theistic Foundation in Value-based Education - Matthew Etherington
  • How to Read the Book of Revelation - Michael Szuk
  • How to Run the Thinking Series - Greg Harris
  • How to Run the Thinking Series - Jasmine Small, Lindsay Angus, Alex Dolotov
  • Humanity's Purpose: The Meaning of Life through the Eyes of a Plane Crash Survivor - David Jonsson
  • iGod: Rethinking Our Life Story - Greg Mitchell
  • Intolerance of Tolerance - Harry Edwards
  • Leading from the Word - Sid Koop
  • Monopolizing Knowledge: Scientism and the Quest for Reality - Gord Carkner
  • The Most Influential Argument against Miracles and the Supernatural - Michael Horner
  • Reaching Our Brave, New, Secular World - John Stewart
  • Reasoning: A Beginner's Guide - Steve Tsai
  • Sikhism 101 - Imran Daniel
  • Talking with Atheists and Agnostics: How Can I Do It Better? - Paul Chamberlain
  • Thinking Family Parent Workshop - Lynette Olfert, Robin Martens
  • Top 5 Arguments for the Existence of God - Jeremy Livermore
  • Understanding and Responding to Muslims - Warren Larson
  • Untwisting Scripture - Brad Copper
  • The Uses and Abuses of Science in Apologetics - Arnold Sikkema
  • Warming People up to Jesus, God and Faith: The Value of Spirituality Surveys and Questions in Initiating Spiritual Conversations - Calvin D. Weber
  • Zombies: The Monster for Our Time - Trent DeJong