ACC 2015 Barrie Conference Recordings

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This package includes the main session video recordings and the breakout session audio recordings from the 2015 Apologetics Canada Conference in Barrie, ON.

Main Sessions

  • Contend Earnestly for the Faith - Greg Koukl
  • Tactics - Greg Koukl
  • Arguments for the Existence of God - Richard Howe
  • Defending the Reliability of Scripture - Richard Howe
  • What's So Special about Jesus? - Andy Bannister

Breakout Sessions

  • Conversing with an Atheist by Tim Barnett
  • Dealing with New Atheism by Greg Koukl
  • Did Jesus Exist?: Exploring the Jesus Myth by Stephen Bedard
  • Understanding Genocide, Annihiliation, and Warfare in the Old Testament by Gord Oeste
  • Knocking on Your Door: Having Productive Conversations with Jehovah's Witnesses by Stephen Bedard
  • Mormonism by Richard Howe
  • Science and Faith: A Match Made in Heaven by Peter Michael
  • The Haze of Hinduism: How Vedic Scriptures Blur the Lines of Reality by Peter Michael
  • The Implications of Relativism on the Right to Life Debate by Tim Barnett
  • The Reason for Our Hope: A Dialogue with a Muslim Friend by Emad Botros
  • The Ultimate Apologetic: Why They Should Listen by Rick Buck
  • Why am I Here: The Meaning of Life by Andy Steiger