ACC 2019 Digital Conference

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The conference recording package contains the main session video recordings and the breakout session audio recordings from the Apologetics Canada Conference 2019 held in Abbotsford, BC.

Main Sessions

  • How Should Humans Live? - Andy Steiger
  • Two Tales of One City - Dr. Andrew Grosso
  • [Rethink Politics] Separation of Church and State, not Faith and Politics - André Schutten, LL.B., LL.M.
  • [Rethink Politics] Why Must We Uphold Human Dignity? - Fr. Deacon Andrew Bennett
  • Beyond Racial Gridlock - Dr. George Yancey
  • Looking for a Friend, Finding God - Noi

Breakout Sessions

  • Religious Freedom and Human Dignity: The Essential Relationship - Fr. Deacon Andrew Bennett
  • Art and Truth: A Roundtable Discussion - Jake Bergen
  • Unbearable Pain: Supporting Loved Ones Who Have Suicidal Thoughts - Dr. Estera Boldut
  • Why Do People Stop Believing and What Can We Do About It? - Dr. Paul Chamberlain
  • The "Bright Shadow": Imagination and Truth - Terry Crosby
  • What is Slavery and is God OK with It? - Michael Horner
  • Pro-Life Apologetics for a Secular World - Steve Kim
  • Compassion Precedes Action: Applying Jesus' Model of Healing to Healing the Broken-hearted of Our Cities - Jenny Konkin
  • A Child-Like Faith: Engaging Kids in Apologetics - Rachel MacKenzie
  • We've Been There All Along: The Surprising History of Christians' Contribution to Canada's Political Life - Jojo Ruba
  • From Buddha to Christ: What I've Learned Serving the Poor - Noi
  • With the State Comes Coercion - André Schutten, LL.B., LL.M.
  • Artificial Dignity: The Dangers of Human-Mimicking Machines - Andy Steiger
  • So Many Christians, So Few Lions - Dr. George Yancey