Apologetics Canada Conference 2020 Digital Recording

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The conference recording package contains the main session video recordings and the breakout session audio recordings from the Apologetics Canada Conference 2020 held in Abbotsford, BC.

Main Sessions

  • How Should Humans Live? - Andy Steiger
  • Back to the Future: Key Ethical Issues Confronting Christians in the Next Ten Years - Dr. Fabrice Jotterand, Dr. Elizabeth Y. Sung, Dr. Jens Zimmermann
  • Q&A - Dr. Fabrice Jotterand, Dr.Elizabeth Y. Sung, Dr. Jens Zimmermann
  • Discussing Sexuality, Singleness, Loneliness - Sam Allberry
  • Discussing Future Opposition to the Bible - Dr. Darrell Bock
  • [Rethinking the Future] Not About You: The What, Why and How of Defending the Faith in the 21st Century - Crag Parton
  • [Rethinking the Future] Having Civil Discussions on Bio-Ethical Challenges at the Beginning and End of Life - Stephanie Gray
  • [Rethinking the Future] Remaining Orthodox in a Culture of Theological Relativism - Dr. John Neufeld
  • Discussing the Art of Communicating Truth - Scribe

Breakout Sessions

  • Can We Trust the Gospels' Portrait of Jesus? - Dr. Darrell Bock
  • Christianity and Social Change: Learning from the Life of William Wilberforce - Dr. Paul Chamberlain
  • Consciousness and the Question of God - Terry Crosby
  • Parenting Adult Children: How Your Spiritual Formation Impacts Your Relationships - Marj Drury
  • Unfulfilled Desires and the Existence of God - Harry Edwards
  • Speaking "Little": How to Talk with Your Kids about Tough Questions - Reece Friesen
  • The Ethics of In-Vitro Fertilization - Stephanie Gray
  • Am I a Narrow-Minded, Arrogant, Hateful Bigot? - Michael Horner
  • Lost in Translation?: Is what we have in our modern translation accurate to what the original authors wrote? - Wesley Huff, PhD(c)
  • Is the Singularity Near?: Transhumanism and the Human Future - Dr. Fabrice Jotterand
  • In Search of the Sacred Bedrock: Christianity, Naturalism, Pantheism, and the Foundation for Human Rights - Steve Kim
  • How to Exegete and Teach a Passage - Dr. John Neufeld
  • Communicating Truth to the Tough-Minded and the Tender-Minded - Craig Parton
  • Covering over Clout: The Importance of Accountability for the Modern-day Minstrel - Scribe
  • Unethical Machines - Andy Steiger, PhD(c)
  • What Do Race and Ethnicity Have to Do with Being a Christian? - Dr. Elizabeth Y. Sung
  • Creating Impact in a Secular Culture Through Effective Christian Leadership - Paul Townsend
  • Christian Humanism: What is a Person and Why Should We Care? - Dr. Jens Zimmermann

Bonus Audio Content

  • Thinking through How We Read the Bible for the Public Square: The Three Types of Political-Moral Issues - Dr. Darrell Bock
  • How Did We Get the Bible? - Wesley Huff, PhD(c)
  • Can I Trust the Bible? - Wesley Huff, PhD(c)