Apologetics Canada Conference 2023 ON Recordings

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This is for the ON conference!

The conference recording package contains the main session video recordings and the breakout session audio recordings from the Apologetics Canada Conference 2023 held on November 3 & 4 in Burlington, Ontario.

Due to technical difficulties, Troy's session was not recorded. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Main Sessions (Video)

  • Identity Crisis: Engaging a Confused Culture with a Biblical View of Humanity - Andy Steiger
  • Helping a Generation Confront Cultural Issues with Truth and Love - Elizabeth Urbanowicz
  • The Deconstruction of Christianity - Tim Barnett
  • Q&A - Tim Barnett, Elizabeth Urbanowicz, Wesley Huff
  • The Identity of Jesus - Wesley Huff
  • The Identity of the Church - Tim Woodcock, Wesley Huff

Breakout Sessions (Audio)

  • Discipleship in a Digital Era - Wyatt Graham
  • Ho wEthics Contributes to a New Defense of Christianity - W. Paul Franks
  • Leading Towards an Eternal Identity - Sarah Han
  • Bodily Matters: Why It Matters that Your Body Matters - Ewan Goligher
  • Will Science Make Atheism Extinct? - Raphael Samuel
  • Helping Our Children Discover the Truth of the Biblical Worldview - Elizabeth Urbanowicz