Apologetics Canada Conference 2024 BC Recordings

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This is for the BC conference!

The conference recording package contains the main session video recordings and the breakout session audio recordings from the Apologetics Canada Conference 2024 BC.

Due to technical difficulties, Quentin Genuis' breakout session was not recorded. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Main Sessions (Video & Audio)

  • Is the Bible True? - Wesley Huff
  • Is the Bible Good? - Mark S. Francois, Ph.D
  • Friday Night Q&A - Mark S. Francois, Ph.D, Wesley Huff, Andy Steiger, Ph.D
  • How Did We Get the Bible? - John Meade, Ph.D
  • Why are There So Many English Bibles? - Mark Ward, Ph.D
  • Saturday Morning Q&A - John Meade, Ph.D, Mark Ward, Ph.D, Wesley Huff
  • Getting High with the Most High? - Ashley Lande, Steve Kim

Breakout Sessions (Audio)

* denotes sessions that are available in video in addition to the audio format

  • *Intro to Interpreting the Bible - Mark S. Francois, Ph.D
  • *Renewed & Transformed - Kyla Gillespie, Andy Steiger, Ph.D
  • Is Christianity Harmful to Human Flourishing? - Michael Horner
  • More Than Just a Decision - Sid Koop
  • *Nothing New Under the Sun - Ashley Lande, Steve Kim
  • Keeping the Bible Bizarre for Kids - Rachel Mackenzie
  • Mark McEwan - Is Christianity Less Intellectually Honest than Science?
  • *Reading the Bible for All Its Worth by Consulting Footnotes - John Meade, Ph.D
  • *When Footnotes Aren't Enough - John Neufeld, D.Min, Andrew Marcus
  • The Bible Among Holy Books - Isaac Paul
  • Is God's Sexual Ethic Oppressive? - Bryan & Bonnie Pue
  • KJV Words You Don't Know You Don't Know - Mark Ward, Ph.D


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