Suffering with God: A Thoughtful Response on Evil, Suffering, and Finding Hope Beyond Band-Aid Solutions

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My wife and I were recently at a child’s second birthday party where our friends’ four year old son tumbled off the trampoline and severely broke his arm. I clearly remember this little boy crying out repeatedly for a Band-Aid because when you are a child and you get hurt a Band-Aid helps make the pain go away. His mom obliged him and with trembling hands placed the Band-Aid on his arm. I remember the boy crying out, “It’s not working, it’s not working, it’s not working”. This may have been the first time real, intense pain forced on him the realization that Band-Aids don’t work for every wound.

Band-Aids don’t mend broken bones.

Logic doesn’t lessen the sting of loss.

Answers don’t always soothe personal anguish.

The book Suffering With God journeys with the reader into the tough issues of God, suffering and evil from a Christian perspective, but there are no easy answers here. This book is not a Band-Aid. This book is not a healer. My hope is that this book is a revealer of the God who, in His time, will do the healing. A God who can reset your soul, strengthen you in your suffering, and make you whole.